Smoke and Mirrors: Understanding The Workings of Wazawaka

Wazawaka has recently risen to prominence within the Threat Intelligence (TI) community, emerging as a key player in the dynamic digital threat landscape. Wazawaka is currently under scrutiny for his alleged involvement in cybercriminal activities, prompting concerns across the cyber realm.

This research provides a comprehensive analysis of Wazawaka’s background, affiliations, and tactics in the threat landscape associated with his activities. It includes information about Wazawaka’s team and his close relations with other threat actors.

The structure of Wazawaka’s team and its choice of third-party ransomware-as-a-service vendors provide in-depth insights into the current state of the cybercriminal industry as a whole. This research is vital for information security leaders who wish to improve their risk management models and boost cyber resilience against sophisticated threats.

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Wazawaka Report