Webinar Series 1
Raven Call EP5: Utilising the Covert Potential of Detection Engineering

Watch our new episode of the Raven Call series where we sat down with Olaf Hartong, Purple Team Specialist at FalconForce. Olaf told us more about his experience with detection engineering, the pitfalls and challenges of this field, and the positive developments that are aiding purple teams to make their work more efficient.

Raven Call EP4: The Intricate World of Cybercrime TTPs and Devious Affiliations

In this episode of our Raven Call series, we sat down together with our Chief Operations Officer, Koryak Uzan. We dedicated this session to organized cybercrime and various TTPs (tactics, techniques and procedures) the threat actors use when conducting their operations. 

Raven Call EP3: Undertaking the Journey of Multiple Zero-Days

In this episode, we talked to Mehmet Ince, our Chief Technology Officer, who is known for hunting down vulnerabilities like no one before. Zero-days, those notorious vulnerabilities you heard about lurking from the digital shadows, are a hot topic nowadays. And considering his expertise, Mehmet knows exactly what he is talking about during this webinar.

Raven Call EP2: Nomadic Octopus' Paperbug Campaign

In this episode, we sat down with Juan Ignacio Nicolossi Baeza and Yigit Colakoglu from PRODAFT and explored the operational environment of the Nomadic Octopus espionage group's Tajikistan Campaign: Paperbug. During the webinar, both Juan and Yigit shared their perspectives on the case, along with the group's intricate TTPs and motivations.

Raven Call EP1: Evolution of Credential Theft and Infostealer Industry

In the first episode of our Raven Call series, we sat down with Ege Balci, the Threat Intelligence Division Manager at PRODAFT. During the interview, Ege looked at the evolution of the infostealer industry and provided valuable insights on the latest cybercrime developments. Get Ege's recommendations and learn how to protect your business from potential threats.

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